Differences Between SMT and Through-Hole PCB Assembly Methods January 21, 2017

With the growing popularity of surface-mount technology (SMT) on printed circuit boards (PCBs), it has replaced through-hole mounting over the past decades. This article outlines both PCB assembly methods, why SMT is preferable than through-hole, and if through-hole can still be relevant in some applications. You will have a thorough understanding of the distinct qualities of these methods and their key differences.

Through-Hole Technology

PCB AssemblyThrough-hole technology was used for many years in the assembly of almost all PCBs. This mounting method uses leads on electrical parts, which are inserted into holes drilled on the PCB, and then soldered onto pads located on the opposite side. This method is reliable since it provides solid mechanical bonds, but the additional drilling makes the PCBs a lot more expensive. Moreover, the existence of holes in the board creates restrictions when it comes to available transmission area for signal traces on different layers, which are just below the uppermost layer on multi-layer PCB. These are only two of the reasons that SMT became a widely popular method of PCB assembly during the 1980s.

Surface-Mount Technology

Instead of drilling holes, SMT allows electrical parts to be directly placed or mounted into the surface of the board. In general, SMT parts are smaller than through-hole parts because SMT use no leads or only smaller leads. Since the PCBs of surface-mount devices do not need many holes drilled, and the parts are more compact, it possible for smaller boards to have higher circuit densities. This is particularly important because today’s electronic devices are becoming more compact and more complex. Furthermore, SMT is generally less expensive PCB assembly method that through-hole technology.

Main Differences

While there are a lot of distinctions between SMT and through-hole mounting, there are some key differences such as:

•SMT address space issues that commonly affect through-hole technology.

•SMT parts are directly mounted to the board and do not necessarily require leads, while through-hole parts require leads that go through drilled holes.

•The packing density attained through SMT is significantly higher than in through-hole technology because SMT parts are more compact.

•In SMT, the pin count is higher as compared to through-hole mounting.

•SMT parts are less expensive.

•SMT allows itself for PCB assembly automation, which makes it much more suitable for lower costs, high capacity production than through-hole technology production.

•Because of the reduced size of SMT, it makes it easier to have higher circuit speeds.

•Although SMT production costs are generally cheaper, there is higher capital needed for investing in equipment and machinery.

•SMT demands for design, skills, technology, and production are more advanced than through-hole mounting.

•In terms of handling huge and bulky parts, parts that are often put through mechanical stress or for high-voltage, and high-power parts, through-hole mounting is generally more preferred.

PCB Assembly

While there are cases wherein through-hole technology could still be used in modern PCB, in general, SMT is superior.

Choosing a Manufacturer That Offers Surface Mount Technology

Because of the high costs involved in purchasing SMT equipment and machinery, a lot of smaller electronics companies are having difficulty taking advantage of this PCB mounting technology. For such cases, it is in the best interest of these companies to look for a contract manufacturer that can offer these kinds of services. This would allow them to use SMT into the design and production of their boards without being forced to buy or maintain costly machinery. For contracting PCB assembly, make sure to choose a reputable PCB manufacturer that stays up to date with the best and latest technological advancements, and knows all of the best techniques for manufacturing complex electronics devices.

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The Various Uses Of Portable Storage Containers  November 30, 2016

Portable storage containers are most known for their use in the shipping industry. They are big enough to provide ample space for huge amount of goods and they are sturdy to protect these items from damages during the shipment. Nowadays, though, these portable storage containers have found other uses, which make them a staple sight in communities and business areas.

Here Are Just Some Of The Many Things You Can Do With Steel Storage Containers.
Storage Space

First and foremost, they are made for storage purposes. If you have old furniture, collections, or documents that cannot find a place inside of your small home, you can rent or buy a storage container instead, which you can place inside your property. These portable storage containers have locks so you need not worry about losing your belongings. They are sturdy and properly sealed too; therefore, rain or sun exposure cannot damage your items.

Aside from being useful at home, even businesses can use these movable cubicles to store their documents or equipment. For example, those businesses that only rent a small office space can buy a storage container for all their storage needs to keep their working space from becoming too cramped.

Portable Storage Containers.

Additional Room To Your House

Storage containers are also favorite alternatives for businesses that need additional office space, whether for permanent or temporary use. For example, there are companies that conduct business outside like construction companies. They usually put up a temporary work station for their engineers, architects and laborers on-site. For this, they can rent a storage container that can be equipped with all the amenities like AC units, kitchen area and meeting rooms. Once the project is done, that mini-office can be hauled off and returned to the owner.


Yes, you can turn that portable storage container into a garage too. These containers are made of sturdy steel material, so expect them to carry the weight of your vehicle. Since these containers also have doors that you can lock, you can be assured that your motorcycles or bicycles will be safe inside too.

When renting or buying a storage container, you need to consider several things. One is the space available in your property. It should be wide enough to accommodate the height, width, and length of the steel container. Second is your budget. Brand new containers will definitely be more expensive than used ones, so you may want to consider the latter when you are short in cash. Better yet, try renting a container instead, but do the math first before deciding.

Portable Storage Container

If your need for the container is only temporary like just a few months, then renting is a good choice, otherwise, you should buy instead of paying rent for several years. Finally, consider local laws. Most states would need you to apply for a permit first before they allow you to place a large storage container on your property. You should abide by them to avoid bigger problems later on.

With all these many uses of portable steel containers, you might just find yourself renting one soon for your particular need. This is a very cost-effective solution and with some imagination, you can turn a steel box into something more pleasing to the eye and functional too.


Portable storage containers are designed specifically to achieve space optimization and give you maximum storage space. Moveable container storage offers secure on-site storage solutions.

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The Different Uses of Custom military coins November 22, 2016

Custom military coins, similar to challenge coins are traced way back World War I. Such coins are given to members of the military force and signify the branch of the Armed Forces the owner belongs to. During the Nazi occupation of France, such coins (although some say they use ordinary currency coins) were issued to Bona Fides, and were used to identify which were allies and which were not.

Custom military coins are around 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter and about 1/10 of an inch thick. Not all military coins are round; some come in all sorts of shapes and styles. There are coins shaped like arrowheads, pentagon, shield or dog tag style. They are generally made of nickel, pewter (a common metal alloy) or copper. Coins vary in their finishing and commemorative military coins (the limited edition ones) are gold plated. These coins may bear the unit’s logo or insignia, their troop motto, and several other markings that could separate the group from the others.

Image Custom military coins bore no value and they were not minted by the Federal Government:

They were not used as currency but as a mere identification. Aside from this there are several other uses of military coins; some of which prompted private organizations, companies and non-military organizations to adopt and make their own custom coins.

custom military coins

The first and obvious use of custom military coins is for identification purposes. It was believed that such coins protected military men during the First and Second World War. The most famous story about this very important use of military coins is said to have happened during the First World War when an American military pilot’s plane crashed in Germany. He was held captive by the German military forces, stripped off of any means of identification, except for a leather satchel he kept around his neck. It was said that his military coin was inside the satchel.

When the American soldier was to be transferred to a small French town, he seized the opportunity to escape and was able to successfully do so. Upon reaching a French military post, he was asked to show proof of identity, which he has none. He was then sentenced to death by execution and in sheer desperation, he showed his medallion. One of his executioners recognized the logo on the medallion, as that of an American ally and he was freed immediately.

Aside from being used as a form of identification, challenge coins are also used to earn free drinks in a bar:

You don’t show it literally to the bartender though. The tradition of playing the military challenge coin game is believed to have started during war times as well. Each coin holder is expected to bring their coins all the time.

Custom Coins

When in a bar, anyone can challenge everyone else to show their respective coins (assuming everyone has one) and whoever fails to do so is the one to pay one round of drinks for everyone else. However, if everyone else were able to show their coins, the person who challenged the group would be the one to pay that round of drinks.

Custom military coins are also used as a means to recognize any person’s valiant effort. Such coins of honor are bestowed upon military men whose acts, bravery or manner are highly commendable. Custom coins are proven to boost the morale of its recipients and seemed to be an effective way to motivate people. They are also issued to retiring members of the troop, to show the unit head’s appreciation of the service rendered by the outgoing service man. Foreign dignitaries, visitors and the likes are also given such coins as a memento or souvenir of their presence in the group.


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Important Reminders when Using Iron On Patches October 11, 2016

If you have a company event or promotion that requires some patches for all employees to wear and time is not on your side, then it is recommended to choose iron on patches. They are easy to attach and convenient. All you need to do is iron it on the garment or fabric that you will use and it is good to go. You don’t need needle and thread or even special glue to attach the patch.

Patches4less.com is the company to consult if you need some patches. We can help you with your design and deliver your order on time. We only use quality materials and employ quality craftsmanship to meet your satisfaction. We will send you the proof of your design and you can check if there’s anything that you want to revise. The manufacturing begins when you approved the design and the agreement has been drafted.

There are certain things that you need to know about iron on patches, and it is prudent to know them all.

Too Frequent Washings

Iron on patches can be safely washed and dried, although it is not advisable to subject the garments with iron ons to frequent washings. When soaked almost frequently (almost every day), there is a huge chance for it to peel off within a month. The adhesive on the backing will surely lose its efficacy almost immediately if you always wash the garment. It is highly recommended to choose another type of backing instead, when you need to wash the garment everyday.


Do not Apply Iron On Patch on Rainwear

It is advisable not to attach the iron on patch on waterproof rainwear, leather, nylon, plastic, highly elasticized fabrics, rayon, or other similar types of fabric. If you are not too sure about the fabric you are going to use, then test the fabric using an iron. Take the hidden seam or hem on the reverse side and see how much heat the fabric can take. If the fabric can’t take the needed heat, then don’t even try to attach the iron on patch to it.

Polyester and cotton fiber blends work well with iron ons. New fibers are constantly being developed or discovered. Whenever you are not too certain about the fabric that you are going to use, it is advisable to test it first.

Turn the Garment Inside Out

To avoid damaging the design of your iron on patch during washing, it is advisable to turn your garment inside out. If you are using a washing machine, the agitator can quickly damage the design if you don’t wash it on the reverse side. Frequent washing can also make the colors of the patch fade quickly.

Don’t Use the Iron On Patch on Treated Fabric

Iron On-PatchesIt is advisable not to attach the iron on patch on a treated fabric, especially the one treated with cornstarch to make it stiff. You can wash the fabric first to remove cornstarch or use a different garment or type of patch. The adhesive of the iron on patch may not properly activate when applied on the treated fabric.

It is also advisable to iron the patch on a single layer of fabric to avoid possible spread of the adhesive on the next layer of cloth if you iron it on two layers of fabric. You can try putting a Teflon sheet between the two layers of fabric to prevent the adhesive from spreading to the other fabric.

Be Wary of your Peeling Patch

If you think that your iron on patch will peel off anytime soon, then you can sew it on to keep it from falling. You can also choose to apply fabric glue if you don’t want to sew your iron on patch, but do not expect it to be permanent.
Let Patches4less.com help you with your iron on patches and turn your company event or promotion into a more successful one.


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The Relevance of Motivational Speakers Today October 7, 2016

Technology may have made information and communication easy through the internet, but people continue to listen to a motivational speaker whenever and wherever there is an opportunity.  There is a big difference when we read narratives on the internet and when we listen to speakers who tell stories that inspire, motivate, and entertain us.

A motivational speaker can influence people.  Company owners and management recognize this influence, so they hire speakers for their employees. Corporations now realize the importance of what these speakers can contribute to their business, but what edge do these inspirational speakers have over other types of speakers?

Emotional connection that persuades

The time comes in the work environment when work lulls and employees’ energy appears to be down a notch. There could be several reasons for employees’ work slack, but what is clear is the adverse consequence the slack brings to the business. Companies address this problem by hiring a speaker who can  motivate the employees, give a fresh perspective and a positive view of the future.

It is not surprising that speakers can influence people. Motivational keynote speakers speak from experience and have different expertise. They may come from different backgrounds, but they share a common trait – and that is connecting to their audience through shared emotions of love, fear, pity, shame and anger.

Motivational Keynote speaker

Surely, we can relate to an emotional experience shared and become stimulated. If a story moves us, are we not more likely to accept what the story conveys and become susceptible to requests and suggestions? The skill to arouse emotions and strategically connect with the audience are the reasons why a good motivational speaker is gaining popularity among corporations and other event organizers.

The corporations realize that speakers who are strong motivators can:

  • Bring the audience to see the corporate perspective through shared emotional experience
  • Accept the claims made by the speaker
  • Transform the audience from passive to active listeners and move them to act on call-to-action

Shared emotions can make a powerful influence on us. The emotions of the speaker become our emotions. The emotional impact is strong that the feeling stays with us months after our encounter with the speaker.  The ability to evoke emotions, coupled with the experience and expertise, speakers find themselves as business advisors and mouthpieces of corporate organizational development, much like what our website does.

What motivational keynote speakers can do for you?

While shared emotions have the power to move us to action, persuasion is stronger if you couple it with other qualities that most speakers possess.

Experience. Successful speakers speak out of experience, and because they do, they can deliver their stories with emotional impact. They felt these emotions in the course of their life and may have moved them to change and act on the cause of the see motions.

Expertise. Most speakers are professionals in their respective field who have accumulated knowledge and critical insights into their profession, which they can share with their audience. Since experiences backs them up, they know how industries work and what accounts for success. Working hand in hand with corporate management, speakers can provide useful tips that inspire employees and move them to work efficiently for self and the company.

Keynote speaker

Novel ideas. Businesses, at times, are confronted with executives, who for one reason or another, are unable to come up with new ideas that will profit the business. We know that a business, which is no longer innovative can become outdated and lag behind competitors. Being an outsider and exposed to industries, a speaker can become a catalyst to provide the needed momentum.

Objectivity. It is difficult for the employees to detach their personal ambitions from company goals. This duality can make employees lose their objectivity and pose a problem for the business. The personal ambition can override their work and work becomes a means to personal gains. As a result, they lose sight of what the customers need. A speaker who motivates can counteract the problem by telling it straight to the audience, regardless if what the speaker says is what management wants to hear. The result, however, can turn the situation around and give the business the edge it needs.

Because of the experience, expertise and knowledge in the industry that speakers bring to the business, they grow in popularity and continue to be relevant today. Instead of the internet becoming a competitor and a threat, the speakers make use of this technology to reach the global community through books and multi-media. We see the demand for a motivational speakers in the increasing number of membership in accredited speakers associations and the services offered by companies like us.

The gains the motivational keynote speakers bring to their audience are remarkable for both the audience and the business. They may not bring perfect-fit solutions and radical changes to the business, but the boost speakers give could be what the business needs for a better workflow and increased revenues.

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Factors to Consider when Buying Discount Golf Clubs Online September 9, 2016

Before deciding to buy new golf equipment, it is important to understand their types, as well as the specific purposes that they serve. With a plethora of discount golf clubs offered in the market today, you have a guarantee that you will receive the best items at competitive rates.

The clubs are actually made to help players hit the golf ball at varying distances. There are also different degrees of strike to drive the ball off the tee. However, the usual golf setup is designed with combined clubs to allow golfers in having the ideal one for every shot in the greens.

Golf Clubs Online
The following are the various types of clubs to choose from:

  • Woods – These are made to propel the golf ball from 200 to 350 yards. It is possible to reach the farthest point when the clubs are used properly, of course. The wooden head such as the hickory and persimmon is ideal in hitting the ball when “on a tee” or “in the fairway”. Today, woods are commonly made of titanium, steel, and other metal alloys. The large, rounded head are perfect in gliding over the greens when making a shot. The big club face and the wood provides certain degree of strike, which is relatively lower in comparison to other available clubs.
  •  Irons – This is another type of discount golf clubs, which offers metal head widely used by the golfer when the ball is less than 200 yards. Irons are numbered from 1 to 9 while also possessing higher degree of strike unlike the woods. It is important to determine the measurement of the greens before choosing the club you will use for your specific golfing needs. You can ask the experts when buying new clubs for your next tournament to guarantee win.
  • Hybrids – Hybrid clubs are known for their combined features of fairway woods and irons. You can compare this to irons due to their similar club face size and design. Hybrids are specifically designed with center-of-gravity feature so that the golfers can rely on simpler manipulation. Also, if you are looking for a versatile club, this is the way to go. Even experts recommend this because of easy handling and smooth gliding.
  • Wedges – These are used in striking the ball while making it fly higher than when using other types of golf club. In fact, these are lofted higher than irons or woods. For instance, pitching wedges have a strike between 46 and 51 degrees while lob wedges can give up to 64 degrees. Usually, golfers choose pitching wedges when they need to hit a 130-yard shot in the greens. Discount golf clubs generally provide pitching wedges to ensure successful lofting.
  • Putters – This is the kind of golf club, which is ultimately used across the globe. It is mostly chosen because it allows the ball to roll smoothly through the greens while getting in the hole. However, they come in various sizes so be sure to determine the specific club you need for your game. The broomstick putter and belly putter, for instance, are taller than other clubs. This makes them a better option among others, not to mention they are also affordable.

Golf Club

For some golfers who frequently experience problematic clubs and other golf equipment, perhaps the items are not compatible with their current size and needs. Using an inappropriate club will only make your golf experience more difficult and less enjoyable. To resolve this issue efficiently, you need the right club for your golfing requirements.

To determine the best club to use during your games, figure out the particular shot you need to make. This will make the decision easier and hassle-free.

If you need discount golf clubs today, you can check out Rock Bottom Golf and get what you exactly need. The professional sales team that we have will guide you in every step of the way. Also, we will walk you through and show you how these golf clubs work. That way, you will have a more informed buying decision to achieve the dream experience you truly deserve. Level up your play with the right club and brand offered on the web today. Feel free to contact the customer support hotline and get free quotes.

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What is Article Writing? August 13, 2016

Article writing is making quality and informative materials that people usually search to gain knowledge on different subject matters. This kind of writing is focused and detailed. It needs vital information that will enlighten readers on the importance of specific topic.

Article writing is the ability to expound a concept into useful materials with the help of thorough research. Nowadays, search engine optimization (SEO) Seo - Search Engine Optimization Posterhighlights the importance of writing quality articles to help different products, services and business brands to become popular in online community. Good contents are very important if you want to gain readers or followers on your blogs. They help you get the attention of buyers to try and purchase your brand over your virtual competitors.

Writing articles has evolved from magazine or newspaper publishing into online. Nowadays, it is a part of keeping online portals alive and exciting. Articles written about different topics can be found with just a simple click of keypad in your computer. This easy access challenges writers and bloggers to keep writing quality articles to keep up with the competition. Well-written articles are usually found in higher positions of search engines. This is because they are most searched by virtual readers who are looking for new, better and quality products or services to ease their daily existence.

In writing articles, you need to remember the following tips:


  •  Readers must be clearly identified.

Every written article is a conversation to your readers. Just like oral or verbal conversation, you need to know your audience or at least know what they need from you. You need to engage them to read your article from start to finish. You need to supply new ideas and reinvent tested techniques. You need to attract their attention and provide relevant information that they want. You must speak with knowledge and confidence. You need to make them believe in what you have written and change their perceptions.

•    The main purpose of article writing is to get your readers’ attention. Headlines usually capture the initial interest of online viewers. However, the content is your main attraction. You need to supply the vital information that will fire their imagination. When you write your articles, you need to become adept in making “baiting titles” to catch the interest of readers and keep their attention by providing excellent content to make them finish your written material and look for more informative topics in your website. It helps if you think and write like a journalist who is always on the lookout for breakthrough topics.


  •  Your articles must be easy to read.

Organize your article using sub-headings to facilitate reading. The way you format your articles also matter. The best way to write is to be conversational and makes your readers feel that you are having direct conversation with them. However, the tone depends on the kind of article you need to write. Article writing will help you become an expert on writing different types of materials. Present your ideas through clear and interesting choice of words. Keep them reading your article by organizing your content expertly.



  • Articles must be interesting if you want loyal readers.

When people browse the internet, they are usually looking for articles that will keep them relaxed, informed and entertained. If your blog site or website offers helpful ideas that inspire them, you will be favored and searched first. Make good impressions. Use humor and share personal experiences that will help them overcome their own struggles.


  • Write good endings.

Endings are very important. Just like happy endings in stories, articles become powerful when you present something to think about or do necessary action. The best endings of articles are sometimes going back to what you have written at the start.
There is no restriction in article writing as long as you know how to use your words into positive ideas to help your readers become better individuals.

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