What is Article Writing? August 13, 2016

Article writing is making quality and informative materials that people usually search to gain knowledge on different subject matters. This kind of writing is focused and detailed. It needs vital information that will enlighten readers on the importance of specific topic.

Article writing is the ability to expound a concept into useful materials with the help of thorough research. Nowadays, search engine optimization (SEO) Seo - Search Engine Optimization Posterhighlights the importance of writing quality articles to help different products, services and business brands to become popular in online community. Good contents are very important if you want to gain readers or followers on your blogs. They help you get the attention of buyers to try and purchase your brand over your virtual competitors.

Writing articles has evolved from magazine or newspaper publishing into online. Nowadays, it is a part of keeping online portals alive and exciting. Articles written about different topics can be found with just a simple click of keypad in your computer. This easy access challenges writers and bloggers to keep writing quality articles to keep up with the competition. Well-written articles are usually found in higher positions of search engines. This is because they are most searched by virtual readers who are looking for new, better and quality products or services to ease their daily existence.

In writing articles, you need to remember the following tips:


  •  Readers must be clearly identified.

Every written article is a conversation to your readers. Just like oral or verbal conversation, you need to know your audience or at least know what they need from you. You need to engage them to read your article from start to finish. You need to supply new ideas and reinvent tested techniques. You need to attract their attention and provide relevant information that they want. You must speak with knowledge and confidence. You need to make them believe in what you have written and change their perceptions.

•    The main purpose of article writing is to get your readers’ attention. Headlines usually capture the initial interest of online viewers. However, the content is your main attraction. You need to supply the vital information that will fire their imagination. When you write your articles, you need to become adept in making “baiting titles” to catch the interest of readers and keep their attention by providing excellent content to make them finish your written material and look for more informative topics in your website. It helps if you think and write like a journalist who is always on the lookout for breakthrough topics.


  •  Your articles must be easy to read.

Organize your article using sub-headings to facilitate reading. The way you format your articles also matter. The best way to write is to be conversational and makes your readers feel that you are having direct conversation with them. However, the tone depends on the kind of article you need to write. Article writing will help you become an expert on writing different types of materials. Present your ideas through clear and interesting choice of words. Keep them reading your article by organizing your content expertly.



  • Articles must be interesting if you want loyal readers.

When people browse the internet, they are usually looking for articles that will keep them relaxed, informed and entertained. If your blog site or website offers helpful ideas that inspire them, you will be favored and searched first. Make good impressions. Use humor and share personal experiences that will help them overcome their own struggles.


  • Write good endings.

Endings are very important. Just like happy endings in stories, articles become powerful when you present something to think about or do necessary action. The best endings of articles are sometimes going back to what you have written at the start.
There is no restriction in article writing as long as you know how to use your words into positive ideas to help your readers become better individuals.

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