• PyGo Wave Server is here – play with the Waves NOW!

    Date: 2009.06.23 | Category: Google Wave Sandbox

    This is an amazing development – the developers from PyGoWave Dev Team couldn’t wait until Google releases their reference server implementation, so they built their own!

    In the article How to get an invitation to Google Wave? I wrote in this context: There is still a very long way to go and it is also hard to say if these guys will be willing to open their server to other people.

    PyGo Wave Server brings two good news:

    1) The server is here
    2) It is open for everybody

    So, you don’t need to wait for Google Wave invitation! Go to Pygo Wave server and get your account now! And there is more – grab the code and run your own Wave server!

    The stage of PyGo Wave Server

    The server is in the alpha-0.2 version today. So, there is a way to go – there is no client at this moment, you can’t add robots etc. It means that a regular user who has seen the Google Wave Video, will not be satisfied now. But I am sure that any developer will be eager to test the PyGo Wave Server and even test his own gadgets there.

    Go to PyGo Wave Server

    You can find the PyGo Wave Server home page here. Be sure to check author’s thoughts about architecture before you jump in.

    Also don’t miss their roadmap and official blog