The Relevance of Motivational Speakers Today October 7, 2016

Technology may have made information and communication easy through the internet, but people continue to listen to a motivational speaker whenever and wherever there is an opportunity.  There is a big difference when we read narratives on the internet and when we listen to speakers who tell stories that inspire, motivate, and entertain us.

A motivational speaker can influence people.  Company owners and management recognize this influence, so they hire speakers for their employees. Corporations now realize the importance of what these speakers can contribute to their business, but what edge do these inspirational speakers have over other types of speakers?

Emotional connection that persuades

The time comes in the work environment when work lulls and employees’ energy appears to be down a notch. There could be several reasons for employees’ work slack, but what is clear is the adverse consequence the slack brings to the business. Companies address this problem by hiring a speaker who can  motivate the employees, give a fresh perspective and a positive view of the future.

It is not surprising that speakers can influence people. Motivational keynote speakers speak from experience and have different expertise. They may come from different backgrounds, but they share a common trait – and that is connecting to their audience through shared emotions of love, fear, pity, shame and anger.

Motivational Keynote speaker

Surely, we can relate to an emotional experience shared and become stimulated. If a story moves us, are we not more likely to accept what the story conveys and become susceptible to requests and suggestions? The skill to arouse emotions and strategically connect with the audience are the reasons why a good motivational speaker is gaining popularity among corporations and other event organizers.

The corporations realize that speakers who are strong motivators can:

  • Bring the audience to see the corporate perspective through shared emotional experience
  • Accept the claims made by the speaker
  • Transform the audience from passive to active listeners and move them to act on call-to-action

Shared emotions can make a powerful influence on us. The emotions of the speaker become our emotions. The emotional impact is strong that the feeling stays with us months after our encounter with the speaker.  The ability to evoke emotions, coupled with the experience and expertise, speakers find themselves as business advisors and mouthpieces of corporate organizational development, much like what our website does.

What motivational keynote speakers can do for you?

While shared emotions have the power to move us to action, persuasion is stronger if you couple it with other qualities that most speakers possess.

Experience. Successful speakers speak out of experience, and because they do, they can deliver their stories with emotional impact. They felt these emotions in the course of their life and may have moved them to change and act on the cause of the see motions.

Expertise. Most speakers are professionals in their respective field who have accumulated knowledge and critical insights into their profession, which they can share with their audience. Since experiences backs them up, they know how industries work and what accounts for success. Working hand in hand with corporate management, speakers can provide useful tips that inspire employees and move them to work efficiently for self and the company.

Keynote speaker

Novel ideas. Businesses, at times, are confronted with executives, who for one reason or another, are unable to come up with new ideas that will profit the business. We know that a business, which is no longer innovative can become outdated and lag behind competitors. Being an outsider and exposed to industries, a speaker can become a catalyst to provide the needed momentum.

Objectivity. It is difficult for the employees to detach their personal ambitions from company goals. This duality can make employees lose their objectivity and pose a problem for the business. The personal ambition can override their work and work becomes a means to personal gains. As a result, they lose sight of what the customers need. A speaker who motivates can counteract the problem by telling it straight to the audience, regardless if what the speaker says is what management wants to hear. The result, however, can turn the situation around and give the business the edge it needs.

Because of the experience, expertise and knowledge in the industry that speakers bring to the business, they grow in popularity and continue to be relevant today. Instead of the internet becoming a competitor and a threat, the speakers make use of this technology to reach the global community through books and multi-media. We see the demand for a motivational speakers in the increasing number of membership in accredited speakers associations and the services offered by companies like us.

The gains the motivational keynote speakers bring to their audience are remarkable for both the audience and the business. They may not bring perfect-fit solutions and radical changes to the business, but the boost speakers give could be what the business needs for a better workflow and increased revenues.

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