Important Reminders when Using Iron On Patches October 11, 2016

If you have a company event or promotion that requires some patches for all employees to wear and time is not on your side, then it is recommended to choose iron on patches. They are easy to attach and convenient. All you need to do is iron it on the garment or fabric that you will use and it is good to go. You don’t need needle and thread or even special glue to attach the patch. is the company to consult if you need some patches. We can help you with your design and deliver your order on time. We only use quality materials and employ quality craftsmanship to meet your satisfaction. We will send you the proof of your design and you can check if there’s anything that you want to revise. The manufacturing begins when you approved the design and the agreement has been drafted.

There are certain things that you need to know about iron on patches, and it is prudent to know them all.

Too Frequent Washings

Iron on patches can be safely washed and dried, although it is not advisable to subject the garments with iron ons to frequent washings. When soaked almost frequently (almost every day), there is a huge chance for it to peel off within a month. The adhesive on the backing will surely lose its efficacy almost immediately if you always wash the garment. It is highly recommended to choose another type of backing instead, when you need to wash the garment everyday.


Do not Apply Iron On Patch on Rainwear

It is advisable not to attach the iron on patch on waterproof rainwear, leather, nylon, plastic, highly elasticized fabrics, rayon, or other similar types of fabric. If you are not too sure about the fabric you are going to use, then test the fabric using an iron. Take the hidden seam or hem on the reverse side and see how much heat the fabric can take. If the fabric can’t take the needed heat, then don’t even try to attach the iron on patch to it.

Polyester and cotton fiber blends work well with iron ons. New fibers are constantly being developed or discovered. Whenever you are not too certain about the fabric that you are going to use, it is advisable to test it first.

Turn the Garment Inside Out

To avoid damaging the design of your iron on patch during washing, it is advisable to turn your garment inside out. If you are using a washing machine, the agitator can quickly damage the design if you don’t wash it on the reverse side. Frequent washing can also make the colors of the patch fade quickly.

Don’t Use the Iron On Patch on Treated Fabric

Iron On-PatchesIt is advisable not to attach the iron on patch on a treated fabric, especially the one treated with cornstarch to make it stiff. You can wash the fabric first to remove cornstarch or use a different garment or type of patch. The adhesive of the iron on patch may not properly activate when applied on the treated fabric.

It is also advisable to iron the patch on a single layer of fabric to avoid possible spread of the adhesive on the next layer of cloth if you iron it on two layers of fabric. You can try putting a Teflon sheet between the two layers of fabric to prevent the adhesive from spreading to the other fabric.

Be Wary of your Peeling Patch

If you think that your iron on patch will peel off anytime soon, then you can sew it on to keep it from falling. You can also choose to apply fabric glue if you don’t want to sew your iron on patch, but do not expect it to be permanent.
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